Dr. Nona Kuchina

Doctor Nona Kuchina and her way to better life.

In 1970 a little girl underwent radical cancer surgery in the city of St. Petersburg, Russia. Afterwards she was put under radiation and chemotherapy. After performing the surgery, the surgeon was heard saying, "The child has only few days to live!” Nona Kuchina was that little girl and those words had a profound effect on her life.

If not for the efforts of two visiting Chinese physicians who used an alternate treatment method to save her life, Nona Kuchina may not have survived those "few” days. Years later, the girl grew up, finished her academic studies and started working as a physician, but still can not forget those words, "The child has only few days to live!” Those words inspired her to become a doctor, so she could help others find the road to good health.

Dr. Nona Kuchina is now a physician who was a lecturer at Tel-Aviv University and supervises Lenom clinic which she opened to treat and rehabilitate people suffering from life threatening diseases such as cancer, arteriosclerosis, stroke etc., using alternative medicine. Her dedication and efforts in these areas lead to the founding of her own company that bears her name, Dr. Nona International, in 1994. This company, which was founded in Israel and is now a global enterprise, has developed over 50 products; new products are in continuous development and are all created with Dr. Nona philosophy to help people attain a better, healthier, and longer life.

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